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4-count boxes now available at select Target and Walmart stores in the nutrition and pharmacy aisle.

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ONE Bars Go Great With:

  • ONE Goes Great With: The Office
    The Office
  • ONE Goes Great With: The Gym
    The Gym
  • ONE Goes Great With: Weekend Hikes
    Weekend Hikes

Camp out anywhere.

20g Protein. 1g Sugar.
Fire It Up.

Love the taste of s’mores but can’t vent the smoke? Well here’s something to fire you up: ONE™ S’mores packs all the flavor of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers into one bar, along with 20 grams of protein and just 1 gram of sugar. It’s all the sweet, tasty memories of camping, nay, glamping, that’s ready to go for breakfast, at the gym, in the office or even just curled up on the couch after dark. Now, who’s got a ghost story?

  • Gluten Free
ONE S'mores Flavored Protein Bar Nutrition Panel

Fire it up! S'mores is here to stay.

If you’re like us, your thoughts are turning towards spending time outdoors after a long, cold winter (and all that other stuff going on), so we’re bringing back…

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S'mores Are Here to Stay!