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ONE Bars Go Great With:

  • ONE Goes Great With: The Office
    The Office
  • ONE Goes Great With: The Gym
    The Gym
  • ONE Goes Great With: Coffee Breaks
    Coffee Breaks

All bar, no bowl. Now Available All the Time!

20g Protein. 1g Sugar.
Now This is Adulting.

Fruity cereal? Mom said yes. Our ONE™ Fruity Cereal flavored protein bar packs that Saturday morning cartoon-watching, pj-wearing feeling into a convenient snack; perfect for your commute, the gym, or any place that could use some colorful energy. With 20 grams of protein and just 1 gram of sugar, it’s a grown-up twist on a childhood classic. So go on, feel like a kid again, while adulting.

  • Gluten Free
ONE Bar Fruity Cereal Protein Bar

Let’s go retro! Fruity Cereal ONE Bars are Back!

Navigating the last two years or so has required some industrial strength escapism. Classic movies, old TV shows, “kid” foods—whatever it takes, we’ve been ditching the doomscroll and…

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ONE Brands Fruity Cereal Bar