Butter Pecan

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ONE Bars Go Great With:

  • ONE Goes Great With: The Office
    The Office
  • ONE Goes Great With: The Gym
    The Gym
  • ONE Goes Great With: Beach Days
    Beach Days

No cup or cone required.

20g Protein. 1g Sugar.
Keep on Churning.

Butter. Pecan. Need we say more? Well, we’re going to, because ONE™ Butter Pecan has got more: more than just the delicious taste of your ice cream shop favorite, it’s packed with 20 grams of protein and just 1 gram of sugar. So dig in and power up your workout, morning, afternoon slumps or evening binge-watching. This is ice cream done as nice cream, no cup or cone required.

  • Gluten Free
ONE Bar Butter Pecan Protein Bar | 20g Protein. 1g Sugar.