White Chocolate Truffle Triceps: Weekly Workout Finishers, Video Three

White Chocolate Truffle Triceps: Weekly Workout Finishers, Video Three by Rob Pannell

What’s up ONE Bar people? I’m Rob, and I’m back with another round of workout finishers I’ve developed during my time as a championship-winning professional athlete and physical trainer. This week, I’m bringing together two under-appreciated but incredibly valuable favorites: triceps and White Chocolate Truffle ONE Bars.

Working your triceps isn’t as sexy as doing chest or biceps… but it’s just as important!

Having good triceps tone really helps with your overall arm appearance and strength.

This workout-finishing routine will give your tris the attention they deserve—and like a White Chocolate Truffle ONE Bars, they’re a great way to move from workout to recovery. You ready?



“White Chocolate Truffle Triceps” workout

3 rounds of each exercise.

  • Skull crushers — 10 reps
Skull Crushers - 1
Skull Crushers - 2
  • Triceps extensions — 10 reps
Triceps Extensions - 1
Triceps Extensions - 2
  • Triceps pushups — 10 reps
Triceps Pushups - 1
  • Banded Extensions — 10 reps
Banded Extensions - 1
Banded Extensions - 2

These exercises are really dependent upon technique, so watch the video closely so you get it down. Check back next week for part four!


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