The Holidays are About to Get Spicy! Introducing New Iced Gingerbread ONE Bars

The Holidays are About to Get Spicy! Introducing New Iced Gingerbread ONE Bars by ONE Brands

There’s so much going on at ONE Brands these days! In case you missed it, we just introduced our delicious new ONE PLANT bars. They’re totally plant-based and totally crave-worthy. Of course, we also brought back our fall favorite, Pumpkin Pie. If you haven’t carved into one yet, now’s the time. And today,

we’re super excited to introduce our indulgent new holiday variety: Iced Gingerbread.

Gingerbread cookies (both iced and non-iced) have been part of traditional holiday celebrations for ages. In northern European countries like the Netherlands, children fill their tummies with pepernoten on the evening of December 5 and eagerly await the arrival of Sinterklaas—and his burlap sack full of presents, of course—that night. In Germany, spicy Pfeffernüsse are enjoyed throughout the holidays, but particularly during the feasting on Saint Nicholas Day.

Introducing New Iced Gingerbread ONE Bars — Brought to you by ONE Brands

Our version of this traditional treat combines just the right amount of spicy ginger flavor with rich and sweet icing. Of course,

it’s still a ONE Bar, so it packs a whopping 20 grams of protein and 1 tiny gram of sugar.

You won’t miss the fat and calories of regular holiday cookies because all of the flavor is right there in that little bar.

Whether you’re a pair of kids lost in the woods or just stuck in a really long meeting, nothing satisfies quite like gingerbread. You’ll love adding some holiday cheer to your usual post-workout recovery, and you’ll especially appreciate grabbing ONE to take to your office holiday party so you can skip the dessert table entirely.

So load up your own burlap sack with Iced Gingerbread ONE Bars while you can, because they’re only around for a short time, both online, and at Trader Joe’s, GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. Whatever you’re building this holiday season, we hope you throw a little gingerbread in the mix.

The Holidays are About to Get Spicy!