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New Year, New Flavor! Introducing the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt ONE Bar

New Year, New Flavor — Dark Chocolate Sea Salt ONE Bar

Hello ONE Bar fans!

We know many of you are laser-focused on your New Year’s resolution to make your health and wellness a priority in 2019.

Great work so far! As the days and weeks pass, your commitment to being the very best you can be will get easier and feel more like a natural part of your day. Be sure to reward yourself for all that hard work you’ve been putting in towards that goal.

As some of you have no doubt already seen, our Facebook and Instagram pages have been teasing a big announcement intended to help make keeping that 2019 resolution easier… and tastier. Well, today’s the day we make it official. Our newest too-good-to-be-true flavor is: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt.

We’re excited to begin offering our Dark Chocolate Sea Salt ONE Bar NOW to help you stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions and get salty.

Of course, the latest addition to the ONE roster features our ONE Bar signature 20 grams of protein and only ONE gram of sugar per serving.

It’s the perfect on-the-go snack to fuel your workout—or for anytime of the day.

Every ONE Bar fan is different. Some of you find a favorite flavor and stick with it through thick and thin. Some of you enjoy the amazing variety of ONE Bar flavors to the max. And some of you have a go-to list of favorites that you alternate between. No matter how you pick your flavor, we think our newest bar’s rich, dark chocolate with a surprising hint of salt is something you’re definitely gonna want to try.

The official announcement of Dark Chocolate Sea Salt is available here as a press release. Check it out if you’re into that kind of thing.

And we’ve got so many more great flavor ideas that we just have to share—so stay tuned for more amazingly delicious new flavors in the months ahead!

ONE Dark Chocolate Sea Salt is available now on our website and Amazon, with more shopping options coming soon. So go ahead and share the love at our Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag #YouveFoundTheONE and be sure to tag @one1brands.

Now… go get salty!