More Choices To Fuel Your Day Your Way

More Choices To Fuel Your Day Your Way by ONE Brands

It’s been a few months since we announced our delicious, guilt-free ONE Plant bars—and we must say, the response has been great! We set out to create a plant-based protein bar that has the performance, taste and macronutrients that are missing from so many of the other choices in the plant-based world. Seems like our fans agree.


For those of you wondering what’s different between ONE Plant and our core ONE Bars, here’s a handy cheat sheet to help you navigate all of the tasty options in front of you.

ONE Bar VS ONE Plant Infographic

As you can see, there really are no bad choices in the ONE Protein Bar lineup. So whether you make your selection based on ingredients or flavor, know that you’re getting the very best protein bar for your mid-morning snack, your workout or whenever you need a boost.

New ONE Plant bars are available now on our website and Amazon, as well as at select retailers nationwide. Snack shamelessly!