Let’s go retro! Introducing new Fruity Cereal ONE Bars

Let’s go retro! Introducing new Fruity Cereal ONE Bars by ONE Brands

Navigating the last twelve months or so has required some industrial-strength escapism.

Classic movies, old TV shows, “kid” foods—whatever it takes, we’ve been ditching the doomscroll and fixing our minds on simpler times. Well, the newest limited-time ONE Bar flavor proves that it’s, like, totally possible to feel like a kid again even while adulting all day.

NEW ONE Fruity Cereal Bars are a grown-up twist on a childhood classic with a smooth, creamy and slightly crunchy texture. They feature our signature 20 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar, and as with all ONE products, Fruity Cereal Bars are made with delicious, gluten-free ingredients you and your mom will approve.

Can you imagine sinking your spoon into a big bowl of sweet and fruity cereal after a long, sweaty workout?

Yeah, we can too… and with our new Fruity Cereal flavored bars, that fantasy has pretty much become a retro reality. You’ll love enjoying that old-timey fruity cereal flavor any time you need a delicious protein-packed snack.

ONE Bar Fruity Cereal Protein Bar

These new bars will take you back to the days when spending Saturday morning with cartoons and sweet cereals was all that mattered—without all the sweet cereal sugar, that is. With a gooey fruity center surrounded by a decadent icing-like coating, you’ll forget all about the protein you’re fueling up with.

ONE Fruity Cereal Bars are available now at our website and Amazon, as well as in-store at Trader Joe’s and specialty retailers.

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But like a really good cartoon episode, they’re only around for a limited time.

ONE Bar Fruity Cereal Protein Bar