How To Stay Plant-Based For The Holidays

How To Stay Plant-Based For The Holidays by Elizabeth Harrington

Can you believe the holidays are already here? It’s the happiest time of year for sure—but for anyone who follows a plant-based diet or is trying to move in that direction, it can be a really stressful season, too. As an influencer who my shares my passion for a plant-based lifestyle via Instagram and my site, I’m often asked how plant-based folks can cope this time of year. So I’ve pulled together my top five tips for staying plant-based and stress-free during the holidays!

1. Don’t stress—just tell your host about your plant-based eating!

The holidays are already stressful enough. There’s NO NEED to add stress about eating, especially around the holidays! By politely informing your host that you’re plant-based ahead of time, you will help avoid any issues if you can’t eat what they’re serving AND you’ll skip the stress that comes from waiting to sit down at the table.

2. Bring your own plant-based dishes!

This helps me and my fiancé SO much during all our holiday get-togethers! Prepare a favorite dish ahead of time and you’ll know you’ll have something to eat. If you’re strapped for time or flying to the destination, find a healthy plant-based restaurant that takes holiday orders (or even stop at Whole Foods). Last year for Christmas, we ordered vegan, gluten-free stuffing & pecan pie from a local plant-based spot, and I made a warm fall salad. It worked out perfectly! Everyone loved what we brought, the plant-based stuffing was a HIT and we had leftovers to eat before we even left. We didn’t have to wonder if we were going to be able to eat, and we didn’t feel bad about pressuring the host to make something for us.

3. Snack before you go!

If you don’t feel comfortable bringing your own dishes—or if it’s just not that type of event—eat a snack on your way to the party so you’re not starving when you get there! This year if I find myself stuck in this kind of situation, I plan to grab a ONE Plant bar to take in the car and eat on the way. The Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Nut Bread flavors both taste great, and they have 12 grams of protein to help keep me full in case the plant-based options are really limited!

Snack Before You Go!

4. Pack plant-based snacks for long travel days.

I find navigating airports and car trips to be the hardest thing. So I travel prepared to avoid dealing with the stress of trying to find plant-based fuel while I travel. Plus, packing your own snacks saves you money! I’ve already mentioned my love for ONE Plant bars. I make trail mix at home and store it in airtight jars. (Pro tip: break up a Chocolate Peanut Butter ONE Plant bar into tiny pieces and throw in those to add protein and chocolately goodness). My other go-to snacks include popcorn, seed crackers, veggies, hummus, and even leftovers for the longer trips!

5. Find plant-based spots at your destination before you travel!

I love finding new plant-based spots to save in the city we’re traveling to. This not only assures us that we will have options at our destination, but it also gives us something to look forward to! I make a quick list of places I want to visit with their Yelp links in a note on my phone so I’m extra prepared!

Whether you’re traveling far away or just going next door, visiting with plant-based friends & family or not, these tips will help you be prepared and not stress about plant-based eating during any holiday occasion! Have a great time!

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