Now Available: Two New ONE PLANT Flavors

Now Available: Two New ONE PLANT Flavors by ONE Brands

Big things are happening this very moment! Our clocks have just sprung forward, and the sun is shining a little more each day. Here at ONE Brands, we’re feeling really, really good about the approach of spring. As the most hopeful season, spring is the perfect time to make a new fitness and nutrition plan, recommit to an old plan, or to take a step back and admire your perseverance all winter long. It’s also the perfect time for ONE Brands to introduce two new additions to our ONE PLANT™ line.


Yes, you heard right.

Not ONE, but TWO delicious new ONE PLANT flavors.


The first, ONE PLANT Carrot Cake, is our rendition of the classic carrot and cream cheese dessert—and it’s a perfect fit for the PLANT shelf. Now, the second is somewhat more surprising: ONE PLANT Churro is a spicy twist of sweet cake and rich cinnamon.

Of course, each PLANT bar provides 12 grams of plant protein and only 1 gram of sugar—making them a guilt-free indulgence for on-the-go fuel.

We’ve built a strong following for our signature too-good-to-be-true flavors since we launched the ONE PLANT line in the fall of 2019 with two varieties, Banana Nut Bread and Chocolate Peanut Butter. The addition of Churro and Carrot Cake to the line is poised to continue the momentum we created by bringing superior taste and texture into plant-based snacking. If you’re into official press release-type stuff, here’s what our fearless leader, Peter Burns, had to say about the two new ONE PLANT tastes:

“We have been thrilled to receive such positive feedback about the taste and texture of our ONE PLANT offerings since their initial launch last fall, and we are excited to continue the momentum by adding two new dessert-inspired flavors to our plant-based lineup,” said Peter Burns, CEO of ONE Brands. “We have seen severe underdevelopment in plant-based protein in the natural space,

so we are excited to offer two more options for fueling an active lifestyle for vegans and non-vegans alike.”

Fortunately, waiting is SO last season. ONE PLANT Churro and Carrot Cake are available NOW at our Amazon storefront, and will be available at Vitamin Shoppe, Meijer and other retailers later this spring. Get ready to watch the world bloom again and snack even smarter!


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