Carve into Another ONE: Pumpkin Pie is Back

Carve into Another ONE: Pumpkin Pie is Back by ONE Brands

Get ready to “fall” in love all over again! One of our very favorite seasonal flavors,

ONE Bar Pumpkin Pie, is back this autumn.

Why do we love pumpkin pie? Let us count the ways. It’s the impossibly smooth filling speckled with mysterious spices. It’s the flaky, buttery crust that you’d gladly eat by itself (fortunately, you don’t have to). And it’s the dollop of whipped cream to top everything off. ONE Pumpkin Pie delivers all of that flavor and more.

We’ve baked the very essence of the season into a portable, protein-packed snack tour-de-force.

A while back, we posed a challenge to our flavor experts: how can we combine the search for delicious, dessert-level seasonal snacking with our insatiable desire for sweet and spicy pumpkin pie as the holidays approach. And they succeeded in a big way like they always do—I mean, they perfected a birthday cake protein bar with sprinkles, for heaven’s sake.

No need to wait for the Thanksgiving table to satisfy your pumpkin pie urges. You can enjoy the taste you crave before or after a workout, as a particularly revitalizing mid-day snack, or (logically) for dessert.

And with 20 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar, you can feel really good about doing it.

Sadly, like all seasons, this one is fleeting—so grab some ONE Pumpkin Pie before they disappear. They’re available for a limited time online and instore at Publix, Kroger, Vitamin Shoppe, Wegmans, select Circle K regions and other select convenience stores. Go ahead and carve into another one while you can!

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