20g Protein. 1g Sugar.

Now this is adulting.


ONE MINIS™ Maple Glazed Doughnut is NOW AVAILABLE AT Walmart.

ONE MINIS™ bars may come in a small package, but they’re the real deal with 7 grams of protein. And with 80 calories and only 1 gram of sugar, they’re not just for breakfast any more. Grab the powerfully delicious boost you need to keep slaying your day at a Walmart near you.

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Your Anytime Guilt-Free Indulgence.

At ONE™ we believe that great taste and good health are not mutually exclusive. Because let’s be real – life’s too short for anything boring, tasteless, or worse, chalky. Since our founding as Oh Yeah!, we’ve taken our passion for flavor and shaped the perfect snack. One with up to 20 grams of protein. One with up to 1 gram of sugar. One with totally indulgent flavors that seem too good to be true. So stop searching, and make it official – with our anytime dessert-level protein bars. ONE Brands protein bars are perfect for on-the-go, at-the-office, pre-or-post workout or just because.


ONE Brands In The Press

Men's Journal
Cool beans, tight jeans, Fruity Cereal.
Who else is ready to fill their spoons... we mean, stomachs... with Fruity Cereal?
Your Saturday mornings are about to change...
*sips milk* 🥛 Did you guess it?! Introducing our new Limited Edition ONE Fruity Cereal bar. Packing that Saturday morning cartoon-watching, pj-wearing feeling into a bar you’ll love. Head to the link in our bio and sign up to be one of the first to know when Fruity Cereal is in stock!
The 90’s called… They wanted to know if you've figured out our new flavor yet?
Our new Limited Edition flavor also goes well with glamour shots. Any guesses?
We’re celebrating Valentine’s by giving our fans another ONE Bar to love.Hint: It goes as well with mixtapes as this holiday does.
Name a better combo than chocolate & peanut butter... we'll wait.